How TO: Un-GLASS Yourself

Adult Entertainment Expo Bares All In Vegas

Ok.. While we wait for the word UNGLASS to officially get added to the Oxford dictionary have a quick read at this imaginary GLASS Post.

Yes, the title says it all and this could potentially become a top post on! It’s the next big thing.. How do you hide yourself from GLASS? How do you not get caught in the GLASS Scandal? How do you protect yourself from being captured on the Glass view? We don’t have all the answers yet BUT we’re trying to get them soon :)

Here are some tips that can help in our mission of being UNGLASSed:

1. Do the Vendetta style
Planning on being in a public place with a lot of people and too afraid of being seen? This is a perfect 100% foolproof technique. Just dress up with the popular vendetta mask :D OR lets say MASK ON!


2. Spot the GLASS and hide from plain sight
It’s a pretty good idea to just run for it and hide if you see a Glass(er) around you… You never know when they will – hey glass, take a picture?


3. Use the NO GLASS sign
Lots of places in the USA are already getting the NO GLASS sign. So if you see it, you better hide the GLASS or start finding a new place to hangout :)
no google glass sign

Finally, we’re not against Glass – We love google glass and would certainly own one when it’s available to public. This is just a fun post on the upcoming GLASS paranoia people out there.

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